What does Bitcoin Revolution offer its customers?

On the Bitcoin Revolution platform, investors can earn up to 550 dollars per hour (or 13,000 dollars per day), according to their website. The positive feedback and customer reviews show that many investors have already earned a lot of money with this software and its automatic bot.
Especially newcomers often show a lot of scepticism towards this software, because not everyone can imagine that so much money can be earned with the automatic trading of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, many ask themselves whether the automatic robot keeps its promise and everything works as stated.
To learn all about this bot, just read this article!

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What does Bitcoin Revolution offer its customers?

Bitcoin Revolution is a software application that enables its customers to trade cryptocurrencies fully automatically.
On the official website, it can be read that the bot uses the most modern and advanced algorithms to make trading with cryptocurrencies easier, especially for beginners. This makes it possible for everyone to achieve high profits on this market.
You don’t have to be an expert in this field and at the same time you get the best possible support. If you use the software from Bitcoin Revolution, trading is automatic for you. The programme is able to analyse huge amounts of data quickly, much faster than a human could ever do. At Bitcoin Revolution, you can trade well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Stellar and many more.

Features & functionality

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Which team is behind Bitcoin Revolution?

The developer of this software is Steve McKay, known for his knowledge as a financial entrepreneur and specialist trader. Steve McKay worked for a long time as an investor for a Wall Street firm and helped his clients make huge profits using trading software.
A little later, he founded his own company and developed the Bitcoin code bot. He thus gives every investor the chance to make high profits with cryptocurrencies who are interested in the technical aspects of the industry.

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Customer opinions about Bitcoin Revolution

I can’t exactly justify my success with this platform. I can just see that I am successful with it and making good profits. I am an average man, even had some debts and I am not a millionaire yet. But since using Bitcoin Revolution, I am debt free for the first time in my life! I regained control over my life and am very happy to have discovered Bitcoin Revolution.

All advantages and disadvantages at a glance


*) There are no fees: Apart from the usual transaction and withdrawal fees, there are no other costs or commissions.
*) Intuitive user interface: Everyone finds their way around Bitcoin Revolution’s user interface very quickly and can navigate through it easily.
*) Seriousness: Bitcoin Revolution offers its customers a serious trading robot.
*) Always in full control: At Bitcoin Revolution, users can adjust the personal settings to their own needs.
*) Free demo account: The software can be tested free of charge with the demo account.


There is no mobile app for this platform, but the platform can be accessed at any time from anywhere via the web browser.

The conclusion to Bitcoin Revolution

There are already many other providers in this field, but many of them fail to live up to the great claims. With Bitcoin Revolution, however, investors can see that automatic trading works and that this bot actually generates profits. Moreover, the use of technically advanced algorithms is getting better and more advanced every day.
When looking for a trading tool for cryptocurrencies that works seriously and guarantees investors a good return, Bitcoin Revolution should be at the top of the list. Of course, you should know that investments are always associated with a certain risk. It is therefore advisable to start small at the beginning and not risk too much capital.

How does Bitcoin Revolution work compared to other providers?

In our test, we found that this bot performs better than its competitors. Therefore, we can recommend the Bitcoin Revolution platform to any serious investor!